I thought I would play video games before the day that I died. Lately I'm not so sure about this anymore. All the good strategy and role play games have always been boring personally. I don't have even a good deal of want to PvP. These days in MMO's the PvP isn't even fun anyway. For the most part the "battleground" design of combat just two anonym… Read More

Video gaming is definitely a competitive sport. Arcade boxes earlier had their pixelated high score charts, each kid dreamed of being the main one with the top scores in his neighborhood. With the internet explosion and also the discharge of iconic first person shooter games like Doom and Counter Strike, players from all of over the world started t… Read More

First introduced in 2007, Apple's iPhone offers many features that other phones tend not to. But even with these functions, owners of the iPhone are invariably searching for additional features and ways of using their devices. There are also several features that this manufacturer and providers would rather the users not access. In this regard, man… Read More

If you are anything like me you happen to be probably not a hardcore gamer, just somebody who likes to spend a couple of hours every day relaxing and playing a game title just for fun following a night time. As for numerous others, Facebook has become a tiny bit addictive because not only will I chat with my buddies, I can play my favourite games t… Read More

Gaming is a thriving industry and contains profits in it for everyone who provides great ideas. However, as with other big business, it's its disadvantages to the consumers. Gaming itself, whether it is in all forms whatsoever, has become a dependancy for many people. We find samples of gamers setting records by playing consecutively for the at a t… Read More